Apr 212016
Publisher releases information about german edition of Sex at Dawn

The publisher Klett-Cotta released information about the upcoming german edition of Sex at Dawn, which in the German edition will be called “Sex. Die wahre Geschichte” (=Sex. The True Story). As the publisher informed me there will be a large media campaign accompanying the publication of the book this fall. Maybe we’ll also be lucky …read more

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Mar 212016
David Barash does it again: Polygamy natural but monogamy better, LA-Times, 20.03.2016

Can anybody explain to me why Professor David Barash, a highly intelligent man and probably the world´s leading expert on polygamy, writes book after book gathering the science that polygamy is natural and monogamy is hard for us, only to go on then to claim that monogamy is nonetheless the better choice for us? Now …read more

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Mar 072016

Humans are promiscuous and polygamous by nature, according to a new book by David Barash. The zoologist, psychologist and well-known author of the seminal work from 2001 The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People, affirms in his new book that people are promiscuous and polygamous by nature. As in the older book, in …read more

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Mar 032016
Polyamory Triad fights for marriage equality in Brazil

A Polyamory Triad has started to fight for marriage equality in Brazil. According to a report in Reason three women want equal rights especially with regard to parenting. They want to model their fight along the lines of the campaign for marriage equality for homosexuals, which is the law in Brazil since a court ruling …read more

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Mar 112014

With the European Elections coming up in 2014, you might like to find out how a political party or individual candidate stands on the issue of polyamory. Here are some suggestions for questions you might want to ask them. Please feel free to discuss them and make suggestions for changes or additions in the comments …read more

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