The contents of are for the most part translations from my original website As i am a german native the english is of course not up to the standards of a native english publication. I do the translations by using google and bing translation services, comparing them and using what seems right to me. My own english is a combination of what i aquired over my lifetime in school, by reading english books, newspapers and websites, listening to a lot of english music and watching american and english movies in the original language, certainly quite a mixture of styles and quality.

When she finds time i get help by my – polyamorous – wife. I call her wife, though we´re not married, because that is the nature of our relation. She is married to another man, and as she has to take care of their household and kids, she of course does not find time for translating very often .

Of course i am solely responsible for all mistakes in language and fact.

As of 01/02/2011

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