Viktor Leberecht
Viktor Leberecht

Viktor Leberecht is my pseudonym for my work as a freelance writer, which I run alongside my full time job, as far as I can take my time. I work under a pseudonym, to protect my privacy, above all other people involved in my private life, and because my real name (i put this link here but request to respect my private sphere) is not suitable for marketing 🙂

I work to ensure that the freedom to freely choose the form of marriage and family is recognised as a human right and that the voluntarily and knowingly entered-into polygamy is legalized as a form of marriage.

I was born on january 12th 1966 in Berlin, where i also live today. To grow up in the western part of this divided city with the Berlin Wall and the dictatorial regime of the GDR right in front of my eyes has awakened an early interest in politics and especially in ideologies and their natural enemies, human rights or individual rights. I followed that interest in a study of history and philosophy from which i graduated with an M.A. (Magister Artium).

Since 2003 i live in a polyamorous relationship with a married woman whose husband loved her so much that he has given her the freedom for another relationship. At first he and i did not know each other personally, but were always curious about each other, and after we first met we have now been friends for several years. All three of us regularly share activities like hiking, visiting museums, and enjoying good food and good wine … and as some of you might ask themselves: no, we don´t have sex together 😉

The experience of this relationship brought me to rethink my ideas about love, partnership, marriage, and finally I combined this with the concepts of human rights and individual rights. After long hesitation i decided to make this the first and major topic of my work as a freelance writer. Read more on the pages under the menu section polygamy .

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As of 27/09/2014 (First published on: 04/12/2010)

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