An all-time classic article why marriage is a human rights issue

One of the most important articles why marriage is a human rights issue was written by Jonathan Turley, describing the legal arguments for the legalization of polygamy. Turley is a law professor at George Washington University and lead counsel for Kody Brown and his family in their lawsuit against the prohibition of polygamy in Utah.

The main argument, summing up why marriage is a human rights issue and why governments should not regulate the forms of marriage in the strict and narrowly defined ways they mostly do: “There is no spectrum of private consensual relations – there is just a right of privacy that protects all people so long as they do not harm others. “1

In this one, simple sentence that you also find in my Theses on polygamy and monogamy, and there particularly in Thesis 1, the basic principle is explained why it is wrong if goverments in countries that base their constitution on the concept of the rights of the indvidual allow their citizens only a narrowly defined range of possibilities of family life.

In my opinion the article One Big, Happy Polygamous Family is an all-time classic and highly worth reading, because it is a kind of short seminar in the application of fundamental principles of human rights to the question of marriage.


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  1. cited according to One Big, Happy Polygamous Family, byJonathan Turley, New York Times, Published July 20, 2011
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