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Polyamorous people often face being accused as Sex Addicts.This causes feelings of shame and guilt. All this is unnecessary, because Sex Addiction is a myth.

Sex Addiction never accepted by Psychology

As far as I understand from an article by David J. Ley, Ph.D., Sex addiction is not and was never an accepted scientific diagnosis: “Sex addiction is NOT a real disorder. It’s a morally-based concept that reflects our society’s conflicted feelings about sex. It is NOT a mental disorder, and never will be.”

Sex Addiction: Rejected Yet Again by APA. Hypersexual Disorder Will NOT be Included in the DSM5


Dr. Marty Klein explains the background of the myth and the damage it causes

There is also an excellent article about it on the blog of Dr. Marty Klein “Why “Sexual Addiction” Is Not A Useful Diagnosis — And Why It Matters


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