Absolutely serious!

Please take this absolutely serious!

Jun 152011
Herr Rösler: please muster some courage! German Free Democratic Party shirks the question of polygamy.

One should always take people by their word. It sounded so good when Philipp Rösler, in his first speech as the new party leader of the german Free Democratic party (FDP), on 14th of May 2011 said of freedom that it is the central principle of the FDP. So I asked Philipp Rösler and his …read more

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Mar 282011
A Polygamist calls for: More Time for Sex-Orgies!

Valued ​​opponents of polygamy, I hereby urge you in your own interest to engage in the fight for the legalization of polygamy! That of course sounds strange to you, but read on and I will make myself clear. As opponents of polygamy you have forever attacked the proponents of polygamy and polyamory. Over and over again you claim that …read more

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