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Jan 242013
Egyptian Journalist calls on Al-Azhar to resist Islamists tricks on Polygyny

The renowned egyptian journalist Manal Abdel Aziz of the Egyptian Gazette calls on Al-Azhar University to resist Islamists tricks on Polygyny. According to an article by Manal Abdel Aziz titled “Polygamy is not the solution” the current Islamist dominated government tries to make polygamy in the form of polygyny, which is allowed by Islam, popular in Egypt …read more

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Jan 222013

In his inaugural speech President Obama set an example of how to treat Homosexuals in a christian spirit and according to the principles of human rights. President Obama said: “We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths—that all of us are created equal—is the star that guides us still.” And he followed …read more

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Dec 312012

One of the most important articles why marriage is a human rights issue was written by Jonathan Turley, describing the legal arguments for the legalization of polygamy. Turley is a law professor at George Washington University and lead counsel for Kody Brown and his family in their lawsuit against the prohibition of polygamy in Utah. The …read more

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Nov 062012 I usually do not post just a link, but this Arabian Facebook initiative “The uprising of women in the Arab world” I think is great. Arabian women stand up for their rights to be what they want to be – modern or tradional – but in any case self-determined and – that seems to …read more

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Aug 202012

Good news for same-sex mariage   Notice: This article is not yet translated – and some contents might have been added or left out to better meet the needs of an international audience – from an original article

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May 102011

In a landmark ruling concerning a german law suit, the European Court of Justice, the supreme court in the EU, has strengthened the rights of same-sex-marriages, or “registered-partnerships“, as same-sex-marriages are called in Germany. The Court has explicitly based it´s ruling on the prohibition of sexual discrimination (document number: C-147/081). With this ruling “same-sex-marriage” comes …read more