Mar 112014

With the European Elections coming up in 2014, you might like to find out how a political party or individual candidate stands on the issue of polyamory. Here are some suggestions for questions you might want to ask them. Please feel free to discuss them and make suggestions for changes or additions in the comments …read more

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Nov 172013

Do you know that too, that people become insecure when you talk openly about the fact that you live Polyamory? It is as if people stand back a bit from you. Maybe it’s because of your Polyamory – Threat-Potential. I have had these experiences always since I started being open about living Polyamory some years …read more

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Feb 102013

Like many people I think that one of the best ways to get information is listening to people with lots of experience, and there are probably few with as much experience on Polyamory as Franklin Veaux. Blogger Polysingleish did an Interview with Franklin Veaux that is absolutely worthwhile reading from start to finish, because it …read more

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Jan 032013

A new Year brings new ideas and a new and easy way to show support to get social networks to let you choose Polyamory as your status. And we will use the tools that the networks provide by doing something that is similar to an online petition. Now you want to know how I propose …read more

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Sep 302012

After my first TV appearance I feel even more respect for all people who have been poly-activists in public or in private – for polyamory, for legalizing polygamy among consenting adults and for a more free, more humane and more loving way of dealing with sexuality. Many have started doing this work when all these …read more

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Sep 022012

I don´t like alarmism, but today I make an exception telling you to beware of false polys. Several polyamorous people, whom I will not mention here for privacy reasons, have informed me that recently they had quite a lot of contact requests on their Facebook and Twitter profiles by individuals or groups who claimed to …read more

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Aug 292012

A recent article about Polyamorous people by @jeffedelstein Multiple lovers, stuck in the closet (Linkadress: http://www.trentonian.com/article/20120828/OPINION03/120829994/multiple-lovers-stuck-in-the-closet) describes very well, what poly-bloggers like me have been writing about for a long time: Polys are hiding because they feel that the social environment towards them is unfriendly. Thats why we need to keep on informing the society about …read more

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