Feb 112013

Polyamorous people often face being accused as Sex Addicts.This causes feelings of shame and guilt. All this is unnecessary, because Sex Addiction is a myth. Sex Addiction never accepted by Psychology As far as I understand from an article by David J. Ley, Ph.D., Sex addiction is not and was never an accepted scientific diagnosis: “Sex …read more

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Jan 312013

Are the Pope and Bishops wearing giant #vagina as hats? True Origin of Christian “FISH” Symbol — Viktor Leberecht (@ViktorLeberecht) 31. Januar 2013 If it were true I would love it and @pontifex would sure have to rethink his ideas about women and sexuality.

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Dec 062012

A lot of women want to “reclaim” the term slut. I do not think this has a chance to work. The term should simply be dropped by sex-positive people. To re-claim something, you first have to have owned it before it was claimed by other s from whom you now want to re-claim it. But …read more

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Nov 122012
Petraeus only continued old military tradition: Swinging

We all know by now that the title “All in” of the book by Paula Broadwell about General David Petraeus was not referring to the old poker phrase. But what many do not know: Petraeus – in some way – just continued a military traditon from World War II Bomber pilots of the US Air …read more

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Sep 302012

There has been a movement for some years that tries to change the meaning associated with the usually negative term Slut. This is also important for the polyamory movement because one of the fundamental books of polyamory by Dossie Easton is called “The Ethical Slut“. I think it is good that women fight against the …read more

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Sep 102012

Why we love and cheat is very important for most people, because there is hardly anyone who does not love, and the anthropologist Helen Fisher, from whose work i have cited here before, has spoken at TED about what is happening in our brains when we love. Fisher’s lecture is informative and entertaining.It seems we …read more

Sep 022012

The nonsensical views, which the Catholic Church has about HIV, polygamy and sexuality, are well known and i recently reported on them and how even scholars try to defend them on my german blog Polygamie-ist-gut-fuer-Sie (Polygamy is good for you). So it is gratifying to read on the BBC and the IHT that with Carlo …read more

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