Viktor goes astray

Articles on topics that are not directly included in my main topics polygamy and polyamory. In these articles i will hopefully not be off topic but i will go astray a bit.

Aug 072016
Worst Star Trek movie … Ever! Beyond (fun and charm)

Beyond is the worst Star Trek movie ever in my opinion. No fun and no charm, lots of plot-holes and a brain-numbing experience. I wonder how often one needs to get lobotomised to enjoy this movie. Well, maybe you just need to watch “Fast and Furious” several times. Fast and Furious in Space I guess it’s …read more

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Dec 302012

Many writers, politicians and other people claim that their views are scientifically based. But what is Science and how to differentiate sense from nonsense? The website just published two very good articles about that. As these issues are very important for the topics of my websites Viktor and my german Website (engl: …read more

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Aug 222012

This is just a fun read by Mental Floss for people like me who tend to worry too much:

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Aug 202012

Great article at Reason about how all the doomsayers get it wrong:   Notice: This article is translated – and some contents might have been added or left out to better meet the needs of an international audience – from an original article

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Aug 122012

Susan Cain has held a wonderful speech at the TED Talks about the importance of introverted people and or the quiet, introverted phases in our life. And although my work with my blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter and Google + is something very extrovert and i have fun doing it, I felt very touched. Because …read more

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May 282012

The article, “Experimental Psychology: The roar of the crowd” from the issue of “The Economist” for the period 25.5-01.06.2012 reports on using methods of crowdsourcing for new, far more representative survey scenarios. Many of the results of experimental psychology, according to this article are questionable because they are often based on tests with students at …read more

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