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Jan 232013

I would like to welcome everyone of the new Followers, and also say hello to old ones. Thank you for supporting this website by reading and sharing my articles. I am not able to name everyone who shared or mentioned me, some also might not like that. So I will just name those who are …read more

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Jan 212013

After a two week holiday break publication resumes today on Viktor My english readers were kept a bit short of new articles by me. Meanwhile my initiative for Polyamory as a status in social networks, that I started on Facebook and Google+, has gotten some support and I hope to find ways to get …read more

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Oct 152012

All my theses on polygamy and monogamy in the german version on Viktor were revised and updated Sunday, October 14th 2012. I added explanations and links to articles that support my theses. That is why last sunday you were bombarded on my Facebookaccount and Twitteraccount with lots of posts in german. Doing this quite …read more

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Jul 162012

In my last post is changing – new website dedicated especially to Polygamy and Polyamory i pointed out that due to reconsruction of my german blog and the setting-up of my new german website specially dedicated to polygamy and polyamory: (engl: polygamy-is-good-for-you) some of the links on were not working. The reconstruction and relinking …read more

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Jul 082012

I started this website writing about polygamy and polyamory, translating the articles from my original german website to english. Meanwhile, there are more topics about which I want to write on my german website. At the same time writing about polygamy and polyamory are so important that I set up a specially dedicated german website …read more

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