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Apr 212016
Publisher releases information about german edition of Sex at Dawn

The publisher Klett-Cotta released information about the upcoming german edition of Sex at Dawn, which in the German edition will be called “Sex. Die wahre Geschichte” (=Sex. The True Story). As the publisher informed me there will be a large media campaign accompanying the publication of the book this fall. Maybe we’ll also be lucky …read more

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Mar 072016

Humans are promiscuous and polygamous by nature, according to a new book by David Barash. The zoologist, psychologist and well-known author of the seminal work from 2001 The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People, affirms in his new book that people are promiscuous and polygamous by nature. As in the older book, in …read more

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Jan 232014

In October 2013 the German newspaper WELT ran an interview with Chris Ryan, who wrote Sex at Dawn with his wife Cacilda Jethá. At the end of the interview the author of the article said a contract for a german edition of Sex at Dawn was currently discussed. Chris Ryan confirms: no german edition of …read more

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Feb 032013

One of the basic assumptions of Western culture is that monogamy is superior to polygamy and polyamory as a relationship form. A recent article by psychologists at the University of Michigan found no evidence for these assumptions. The article “A Critical Examination of Popular Assumptions about the Benefits and Outcomes of Monogamous Relationships” concludes from …read more

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Nov 262012

When a book like Sex at Dawn 1 by Christopher Ryan (PhD) and his wife Cacilda Jethá (MD), becomes a New York Times bestseller, gets praised as “most important book about human sexuality since Kinsey” and is showered with awards around the world, that is already some indication that it might be worth reading. If …read more

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Nov 042012

A critical article about polyamory by Amy Shiner was recently published in the Huffington Post. Amy Shiner is a highly acclaimed author in the polyamory scene. She raises some important questions about the polyamorous way of life, that she sums up under the heading “The Deli Approach to polyamory.” The central criticism of Amy Shiner: …read more

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Oct 312012

The world famous sex researcher Chris Ryan, whose book Sex at Dawn was recommended by me on several occasions, now has a column in the german magazine The European. In spite of having an english title, The European is a german Magazine, made in my hometown Berlin. They also have some of their articles in …read more

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