Egyptian Journalist calls on Al-Azhar to resist Islamists tricks on Polygyny

The renowned egyptian journalist Manal Abdel Aziz of the Egyptian Gazette calls on Al-Azhar University to resist Islamists tricks on Polygyny.

According to an article by Manal Abdel Aziz titled “Polygamy is not the solution” the current Islamist dominated government tries to make polygamy in the form of polygyny, which is allowed by Islam, popular in Egypt by claiming to solve the problem of millions of unmarried men and women. The “…Agriculture Development Bank announced the bank’s new policy of offering soft loans to farmers that would help them to get married. The initiative includes allowing married farmers to have a second wife so as to solve the growing problem of unmarried women in Egypt.” 1

Manal Abdel Aziz explains that this is just a trick, because it does not address the real causes of the problem of millions of unmarried men and women in Egypt. It just serves to propagate Polygyny, which according to her was never really accepted in Egypt. But she goes even further and says that the Islamist interpretation of the Shari’a concerning Polygyny is not correct and calls on the al-Azhar University to resist the Islamists on this matter.

I am not an expert on Egypt or Islam but that seems a clever and bold move, because Al-Azhar is seen by Sunni muslims as the most respected centre of Islamic teachings (Wikipedia, Britannica). I am including a screenshot of the relevant part of the article. Click on it to enlarge if it is not readable right away.

Egyptian Gazette Ausschnitt

 The full article by Manal Abdel Aziz of the Egyptian Gazette titled “Polygamy is not the solution”

Further articles by Manal Abdel Aziz from the News aggregator

My Opinion

The kind of Polygamy that the Islamists propagate and their interpretation of the role of women in Islam contradicts the views I propagate in my Theses on Polygamy, because they violate the principles of Human Rights. Interestingly enough, Manal Abdel Aziz also wrote an article explaining that views held not only by Islamists but by many people in western countries abut the role of women are wrong, titled: Justice for women in Islam (By Manal Abdel Aziz, Thursday, October 18, 2012 11:17:34 AM).


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