When people talk about polygamy, it soon becomes clear that they have different ideas what that actually means. From the Harem to Mormon communities to hippie commune all kinds of ideas haunt around in their heads. The modern advocates of polygamy as one – of several – possible forms of marriage and family usually have to argue against these ideas, which people often are not even conscious of, and never have a chance to make clear what they actually want. Male supporters like me are usually suspected of having a barely or formeost sexual interest, reflected in quips like: “Can´t get enough, huh, ” or they will be denounced as women-haters, who despise women and want them locked up in a harem.

I for one stand for the freedom of every human, to enter into polygamous or polyamorous – and monogamous, of course! – relationships of any kind – heterosexual, homosexual, or mixed-sex – as i explain in my: .

To help people get a better idea of a theme that they are not really familiar with, few things help as much as a picture, so here is a Schematic representation of polygamous / polyamorous relations.

With the progress of my research about polygamy and the development of this website over time i will present short descriptions of various forms of polygamy here.

As of 10/02/2011 (First published on: 10/02/2011)

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  1. In African polygamy is allowed infact all type of marriage is allowed apart from homosexual and gay marriage Is against the law. But for polygamy is mostly practiced by the Muslim is like a culture in African so is not a wrong belief it should be practice but based on economic and population strategies. But in Nigeria is practiced by Their (3) three main ethnic group which are the igbos,yorubas,and hausa

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