German politicians – including openly gay one´s – don´t deliver on same-sex-marriage. Important for polygamy as well.

Written with a lot of humor the magazine “Friday” gives an overview of permitted and prohibited forms of marriage in Germany. Especially interesting in this article, not just for polygamy, but ultimately for the whole issue, what forms of marriage are allowed, is to observe that the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany has demanded equality for the registered partnership = same-sex marriage, to marriage. The German Government has not delivered, though even our Secretary of State who is also Vice-Chancellor is openly gay​​. Why? Do the various openly gay and lesbian politicians not dare to press the issue?

For people interested in the legalization of polygamy this is important because there ultimately is no reason at all to ban any kind of marriage between adults that is entered into voluntarily by all parties, and where this freely elected form of relationship is based on equal rights for all partners and causes no harm neither to the directly involved parties or to other persons.

My wish and goal is that we see the day when the German Constitutional Court thinks just as I and many others, that free choice of the form of heterosexual, homosexual or sexually mixed family life is a fundamental right. Please also read my

Absolutely worth reading (sorry, only in german, you might try translating by opening the link to the article and copying the text and then using google translation, which you can access via a link here in the sidebar on the right): Ja, klar will ich, at the website of Freitag

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