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To begin with understanding polyamory

  • Polyamory at wikipedia, very good article to begin understanding polyamory, lots of indepth information and links to other resources about what is polyamory, polyamory groups, polyamory biliographies.
  • Edmonds, Molly. “How Polyamory Works” 21 March 2011., very good introduction to understanding polyamory that also gives you links and information about other resources about what is polyamory.

The following links are for the moment only to german websites, but i will add english websites soon:

  • Many questions are answered in an “easily digestible” way by the Polyfibel: (seems to be no longer maintained?).
  • A (the?) oldest German-language website with information including, book- and movielists, linkpages and mailing lists about polyamory:

Start your own research to find out more about what is polyamory


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