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Collections of articles

  • Polyinthemedia: since 2005 Alan collects news articles from around the world, mostly from angloamerican media. A top-address for articles from the media about polygamy and polyamory. If you want to look for articles from your region or in your language Polyinthemedia offers filters on his website in the column on the right. With permission from Alan the five most recent articles from his news feed can be found on my website: Lists about Polygamy – Newsfeeds
  • Collection of articles on keyword Polygamy at, of very variable quality. A typical example of a rather poor quality is the critical article “Polygamy and its effect on the wive.” Here, as so often in articles about the subject polygamy, cause and effect are confused. Polygamy is blamed for the poor state of women. In fact, it is usually so that basically the situation of women in a country / society / group is bad, no matter in which of their possible roles: either as a child, daughter, wife, citizen, and then it is also bad in a marriage no matter whether it is monogamous or polygamous.
  • A collection of articles in german by the german magazine Focus
  • A collection of articles, news and books in german by the german Online Wellness Community Paradisi. Certainly not the place where i would have expected to find it. I guess that is a sign how interested people in Germany are in the themes of Polygamy and Polyamory.

Individual Articles about Polygamy

  • Polygamy is much older than monogamy, left traces in DNA, articles in german
  • Being true to one partner and serial monogamy are a relatively new compromise solutions to partnership and upbringing of children,article in german
  • Polygamous men live longer, article in german


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