Monogamous, Polygamous, or …gamous? What a mess!

For the weekend here is a short meditation on the question of what we are now actually: monogamous or polygamous or …gamous? Perhaps we are multigamous or flexigamous?

What the … are we now?

The question of whether there is a natural sexual orientation of humans or not is one of the issues most hotly debated since people have started thinking about it, instead of just happily having sexual intercourse like – possibly – our – possibly – less intellectually active ancestors did instead of wasting precious time by debating the issue.

In a previous article titled “Maybe monogamy is unnatural” I have illustrated the two main opposite sides of this discussion and stated “with such a diverse and constantly changing “thing” as nature it is difficult to say what is natural. This would mean you´d have to freeze a certain stage of development and declare it as the only correct natural state for all times.”

Similar arguments can be found in an excellent series of articles by Patrick Clarkin, in which the author takes a look at the various arguments and attempts a summary of the diverse and complex current literature on the important question whether humans are by nature monogamous or polygamous or maybe as he calls it “blankogamous “. In line with this latter term Clarkin makes the point that humans are obviously very flexible in terms of our sexual orientation.

I particularly liked – as most people I enjoy being confirmed – that Clarkin explains – and he does that better than I did – how little sense it makes to speak of a natural orientation, since variability / adaptability is one and probably the most basic rule of evolution .

This seems to me the most important idea in this series of articles that quite actually is overflowing with important and well-considered thoughts.

I suggest – and that applies especially to religious leaders and political rulers – we leave each other alone as far as our sexual orientation is concerned. As long as we cause no harm, each and every one should live, love and have sex any way you like. See also my Theses on Polygamy and Monogamy , especially Thesis 1.

The series starts here and for the time being ends here (this last article to date includes a complete list of the articles), which I also include here:

  1. Part 1. Introduction Link
  2. Part 2. Promiscuity Link
  3. Part 3. Promiscuity (Genetics) Link
  4. Part 4. Promiscuity (Anatomy/Physiology) Link
  5. Part 5. Pair-Bonding and Romantic Love Link
  6. Part 6. Many Intimate Relationships Link
  7. Part 7. Is It Possible to Love Two People? Link
  8. Part 8. Love and Suffering Link
  9. Part 9. Love Is an Evolutionary Compromise  Link
  10. Part 10. Wondrously Complex Paleo-Sex Link
  11. Part 11. Sexaptation: The Many Functions of Sex Link
  12. Part 12. A Tripartite Conundrum Link
  13. Part 13. Is Monogamy ‘Natural?’ Link

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