Monogamy not superior to Polygamy and Polyamory – study confirming Sex at Dawn

One of the basic assumptions of Western culture is that monogamy is superior to polygamy and polyamory as a relationship form. A recent article by psychologists at the University of Michigan found no evidence for these assumptions. The article “A Critical Examination of Popular Assumptions about the Benefits and Outcomes of Monogamous Relationships” concludes from reviewing the scientific evidence, that these views are a cultural norm, but that there is no scientific basis for these assumptions.

The authors, Conley, understand their study not as a recommendation that all people should live non-monogamous. They note, however, how surprising it was that there seems to be no scientific basis for one the fundamental beliefs of western culture.

This study confirms some of the theses and findings of the much discussed best-selling book Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan und Cacilda Jethá.

The full article and some summaries

The full article “A Critical Examination of Popular Assumptions about the Benefits and Outcomes of Monogamous Relationships. Terri D. Conley, Ali Ziegler, Amy C. Moors, Jes L. Matsick, and Brandon Valentine, University of Michigan” may currently be found at Academia.Edu, (as of February 2nd 2013) with the note: This is an accepted article that has been peer-reviewed and approved for publication in Personality and Social Psychology Review but has yet to undergo copy-editing and proof correction.

There are already some articles on Psychology Today by Bella DePaulo, Ph.D, summarising the findings of the study: Are Monogamous Relationships Really Better?, Satisfied? Jealous? On Deciding Not to Be Monogamous, Is Polyamory Bad for the Children? and Deborah Anapol, Five Ways Polyamory Can Fail.

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