My first appearance on a german TV Talkshow

Today I had the honor and pleasure to be guest for the first time in a talk show on German TV. I´ll let you know which show it was in a future article (legal reasons). I had the chance to talk about polyamory and my theses on the legalization of polygamy. The two presenters were, although it is part of the concept of this show to make a bit of fun of the guests, absolutely charming.

Another great experience was the other guests, all seasoned media professionals, whose names I will also mention in another post. As we sat together before the show and talked vividly, I mentioned that this was my first TV appearance and that I did feel a “little nervous”. They all were absolutely nice, gave me all kinds of tips on how I could handle it. It was a great night.

Stay tuned, I can tell you soon, in which show I was and when it will be broadcast.

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