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A new Year brings new ideas and a new and easy way to show support to get social networks to let you choose Polyamory as your status. And we will use the tools that the networks provide by doing something that is similar to an online petition. Now you want to know how I propose to do that.

What impresses Facebook most? Pages with lots of Likes.

What Impresses Google most? Pages with lots of +

So I have created two pages on Facebook and Google+ dedicated only to one purpose: letting people Like and + them to show their support for the demand that social networks should provide their users with the possibility to choose Polyamory as status if they want to.

I promise that I will not use these pages to promote my blogs and I will not SPAM you with posts. These pages are only about gathering support for this cause in an easy way. And it is something not only polyamorous people can support, but everybody who believes in the one basic principle of the rights of the indvidual: Freedom!

That includes the freedom to be what you are and to show it if you choose to do so.

Here is how it works.

If you have a Facebook account click on the following link, log into Facebook if you are not yet logged in, and the give it a Like. Afterwards, spread the word by sharing it. Here is the Link to the Facebook Page: FB should recognize Polyamory as a status

If you have a Google account click on the following link, log into Google if you are not yet logged in, and the give it a + (in the upper right of the page). Afterwards, spread the word by sharing it. Here is the Link to the Google Page: Polyamory should be recognized as a status on G+

Thank you!


What do you think? Leave a comment here. For your convenience you may either use the integrated comment system of wordpress in the first comment field, or if you prefer you may post with your Google+ account in the second comment field. You may also send me a question through the contact form or the FAQ.


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  13 Responses to “New and easy way to support Polyamory as a status on social networks”

  1. I liked and +’d. Good luck!

  2. I know it’s not a page, but there is also a group:

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