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More Equality

21/04/2011 Viktor Leberecht 1

Equality is often not given the way it is called for in the concepts of human rights. When researching informations concerning my theses I noticed that i also had not made it clear enough in my theses […]

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Worth reading

Polyamory / Polygamy and Children

26/03/2011 Viktor Leberecht 1

Opponents of Polygamy or Polyamory like to present themselves as defenders of traditional values and Family. They often discriminate against the proponents of polyamorous or polygamous models as destroyers of traditional values ​​and like to […]

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Enjoy your abnormality!

13/03/2011 Viktor Leberecht 1

I don´t know how you feel about doing something unusual or if you might even live an unusual life. I for my part was and still am often enough hesitant about telling other people about my […]

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Online-Poll about legalising polygamy

10/03/2011 Viktor Leberecht 1

Polygamy has become such a big topic recently that even a lifestyle-magazine does an online-poll about legalising polygamy. Maybe people will come to understand soon that polygamy and polyamory are not a threat but can be lived in free […]