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Human rights

Press freedom for bloggers

31/01/2011 Viktor Leberecht 1

The Unesco, suggested by human rights organisation article 19, is discussing if bloggers should have the same rights and protections as journalists, given they also adhere to a journalist code of ethics. That would be a big step […]

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Happy (?) polygamous new year.

01/01/2011 Viktor Leberecht 1

I grant you that it’s a pretty cheap rhetorical device to convert commonly-known phrases, but in this case it is justified. 2011 is a polygamous new year in my native Germany and many other countries. Not […]

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To begin with: i introduce myself

04/12/2010 Viktor Leberecht 1

A blog is like a conversation with the readers, and every decent conversation should begin with the introduction. Therefore the page  – the first one i created here – is where I tell you who […]