Feb 032013

One of the basic assumptions of Western culture is that monogamy is superior to polygamy and polyamory as a relationship form. A recent article by psychologists at the University of Michigan found no evidence for these assumptions. The article “A Critical Examination of Popular Assumptions about the Benefits and Outcomes of Monogamous Relationships” concludes from …read more

Jan 312013

Are the Pope and Bishops wearing giant #vagina as hats? True Origin of Christian “FISH” Symbol po.st/xLWpmY/ — Viktor Leberecht (@ViktorLeberecht) 31. Januar 2013 If it were true I would love it and @pontifex would sure have to rethink his ideas about women and sexuality.

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Jan 242013
Egyptian Journalist calls on Al-Azhar to resist Islamists tricks on Polygyny

The renowned egyptian journalist Manal Abdel Aziz of the Egyptian Gazette calls on Al-Azhar University to resist Islamists tricks on Polygyny. According to an article by Manal Abdel Aziz titled “Polygamy is not the solution” the current Islamist dominated government tries to make polygamy in the form of polygyny, which is allowed by Islam, popular in Egypt …read more

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Jan 232013

I would like to welcome everyone of the new Followers, and also say hello to old ones. Thank you for supporting this website by reading and sharing my articles. I am not able to name everyone who shared or mentioned me, some also might not like that. So I will just name those who are …read more

Jan 222013

In his inaugural speech President Obama set an example of how to treat Homosexuals in a christian spirit and according to the principles of human rights. President Obama said: “We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths—that all of us are created equal—is the star that guides us still.” And he followed …read more

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Jan 212013

After a two week holiday break publication resumes today on Viktor Leberecht.com. My english readers were kept a bit short of new articles by me. Meanwhile my initiative for Polyamory as a status in social networks, that I started on Facebook and Google+, has gotten some support and I hope to find ways to get …read more

Jan 032013

A new Year brings new ideas and a new and easy way to show support to get social networks to let you choose Polyamory as your status. And we will use the tools that the networks provide by doing something that is similar to an online petition. Now you want to know how I propose …read more

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