Petraeus only continued old military tradition: Swinging

We all know by now that the title “All in” of the book by Paula Broadwell about General David Petraeus was not referring to the old poker phrase. But what many do not know: Petraeus – in some way – just continued a military traditon from World War II Bomber pilots of the US Air Force: having sex with other men’s wives.

However, there is one subtle difference: the bomber pilots and their wives – other than Petraeus and Mrs. Broadwell, about whose infidelity to her husband people seem to get less upset – did not do it in secret, but with the knowledge and consent of their partners. They were the inventors of what many people falsely think to be a modern convention invented by hippies: Swinging.

You may look it up on Wikipedia, or in the book by Terry Gould, The Lifestyle: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers. According to Gould´s narrative, the pilots did this as a kind of bonding ritual, because they had a high death rate, and the Wife-swapping was a means to ensure an emotional bond, so that after the war the Survivors would look after the women and children of their dead comrades.

This type of human social behavior may be much older than the rituals of the U.S. bomber pilots. Chris Ryan and Cacilda Jethá also cite this behavior of Air Force pilots in their book Sex at Dawn 1, and describe it as a modern example of age-old human behaviors. Ryan and Jethá cite numerous scientific works in which anthropologists describe similar behavior for many tribes, where a freely lived sexuality helped to ensure that the whole group felt responsible for each child, rather than just the biological parents and close relatives.

Such behavior, as a safeguard to ensure survival of children, has just recently been described in the award-winning study Best Paper by a Student: “A survey of non-classical polyandry” by Katie Starkweather and her co-author Raymond Hames, which also showed that polyandry is much more common than previously assumed.

Perhaps it would do the U.S. good, to just take on a similarly relaxed attitude toward sexual behavior of their politicians as we Germans. Here you can even become party leader of a conservative party and prime minister of a catholic dominated federal state, even when your family and sex life does not really comply with the official views of your party …


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