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While polyamory in Germany – after a brief period of strong interest in 2011 – has again largely disappeared from the media, in the US the subject polyamory currently experiences a hype in the media and society.

Not only that recently a much debated polyamory reality TV series “Polyamory: Married and dating” has started.

Now, so to speak, polyamory gets the ultimate mainstream media accolade:

On Monday, the 6th August 2012, TIME in the U.S. edition will cover polyamory as a major theme in one of it´s feature articles. The preview of the TIME Magazine, U.S. Edition of 6 August (in the middle column) and the article “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” (one thinks of the ABBA hit?).

Judging by the preview, TIME puts the issue in the context of the growing importance of the topic Polygamy in the United States. That might not please some Polyamory activists, as many distance themselves from Polygamy. Some do so for tactical reasons, because they fear that the mostly negative opinion of americans about Polygamy will have a negative impact on polyamory. Others see polyamory as something completely different and actually want to, for example, deliberately not have plural-marriages, but only additonal partners to the ones their married to.

Update: 2012-08-05, 12:10:29: Polyinthemedia reported on this already on July 29th; i had missed that one being so busy building my new german website and reorganizing everything.


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