Polyamory means lots of Sex.

Polyamory for many people is a synonym for having sex with many partners. This can also happen in polyamory, but it’s about more than sex. Now you want to close this website, right? For it was because of “sex with many partners,” that you have clicked on this article?

Stay. Look around on my website if you want to know more about polyamory, and maybe that will lead to sex with many partners. But maybe you´ll also find out what polyamory actually is all about. A good starting point is an article i think is worth reading called “Sex by Numbers“, written by Rachel Swan, which appeared in the East Bay Express.

Swan writes about polyamorous people in San Francisco to inform us in an entertaining way about the different varieties of polyamory. We get to know people who live polyamorous and learn about the development of polyamory in the United States. Important books on polyamory are presented: Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Sex at Dawn by Chris Ryan, whose revolutionary ideas about the polygamous nature of human beings make his book enter bestseller lists all around the world.

This article is especially worth reading because it mainly reports on people and facts and asks critical questions, as good journalism should. In this way it gives the readers the opportunity to form their own opinion.

Notice: This article is translated – and some contents might have been added or left out to better meet the needs of an international audience – from an original article on one of my german websites Viktor-Leberecht.de or Polygamie-ist-gut-fuer-sie.de (engl:Polygamy is good for you). How i do my translations. Last updated: July 20, 2012 at 17:48 pm © Viktor Leberecht All rights reserved. Please feel free to share my content on Social-Sharing-Services. What do you think? Leave a comment here. For your convenience you may either use the integrated comment system of wordpress in the first comment field, or if you prefer you may post with your Google+ account in the second comment field. You may also send me a question through the contact form or the FAQ.

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Viktor Leberecht is my pseudonym for my work as a free lance author. I work to ensure that the freedom to freely choose the form of marriage and family is recognised as a human right and that the voluntarily and knowingly entered-into polygamy is legalized as a form of marriage. You can find information about this on my website www.viktor-leberecht.com and my theses on polygamy and monogamy and much information can be found under the menu section polygamy. I am from Berlin in germany and viktor-leberecht.com is the english version of viktor-leberecht.de.

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