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The term Polyamory has been showing up in the german media for about two or three years. Yet there are still many people who can not quite grasp what it is all about.

The answer is not simple, given the fact that there are differing ideas about what is Polyamory. For some, already an open marriage would qualify as Polyamory, for others, who define it more “strict”, all stakeholders of such a multiple relationship have to at least know each other.

Here on, you will find many articles to get information about it. It is best to start with the introductory articles on my link list. If you opt for the very long Wikipedia article, start just with the beginning and the summary, then you already have a good foundation. And then you can go on either there or continue to browse here on the website in the link lists.


Polyamory – a new trend in Germany

In Germany, the trend Polyamory is quite new, or to be more precise, it is new to talk and report about it. Some articles can be found on my my german website “” (transl: Polygamy-is-good-for-you) in the series of articles “Polygamy and Polyamory – found on the Web / German media” as well as on my list of links to selected articles (german and english). It is german but has Google Translate integrated in the sidebar, that might help you if you want to take a look.

We still know very little about how many people actually live Polyamory in Germany; estimates go up to ten thousand. It could also be a lot more, who do not openly admit to it, because it is still new and admitting is seen as risky. And of course, it always depends on how you define being Poly. I have put forth an unusual approach, that there are millions, in August 2011, in the article: How many people live polyamorous?


Polyamory – a well established movement in the USA

We know more about the United States. The number of people living Polyamory has been estimated at half a million in 2009, according to Jessica Bennett  @jess7bennett in The Daily Beast: Only You. And You. And You.  (Jul 28, 2009). The term Polyamory was also coined in the US, which is why many people in Germany also prefer to call it Polyamory instead of the translated Polyamorie. Whether “Germanized” or English, the term is artificial anyway as it mixes Latin and Greek. And in the U.S. there is a large, active and well connected movement.

Germany has seen only a start of this. On the other hand Germany already has a party in some parliaments of our federal states, the Piraten (Pirates, yes), that wants to legalize Polygamy, which is also the ultimate goal of my efforts as i think forbidding Polygamy is an unnecessary restriction of individual rights.

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