Polyamory on major German TV-Station ZDF on August 2nd 2011

This tuesday, August 2nd, the major german TV Station ZDF will show a half hour feature about Polyamory in their Series “37 Grad” (37 Degrees). The trailer gives the impression that it is a well-researched and fair report. Also worth reading are the text about the feature as well as the making-of report by the feature authors Jana Matthes and Andrea Schramm (all in german):


Notice: This article is translated from an original article on one of my german websites Viktor-Leberecht.de or Polygamie-ist-gut-fuer-sie.de (engl:Polygamy is good for you). How i do my translations. Last updated: March 13, 2016 at 13:29 pm © Viktor Leberecht All rights reserved. Please feel free to share my content on Social-Sharing-Services. What do you think? Leave a comment here. For your convenience you may either use the integrated comment system of wordpress in the first comment field, or if you prefer you may post with your Google+ account in the second comment field. You may also send me a question through the contact form or the FAQ.

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Viktor Leberecht is my pseudonym for my work as a free lance author. I work to ensure that the freedom to freely choose the form of marriage and family is recognised as a human right and that the voluntarily and knowingly entered-into polygamy is legalized as a form of marriage. You can find information about this on my website www.viktor-leberecht.com and my theses on polygamy and monogamy and much information can be found under the menu section polygamy. I am from Berlin in germany and viktor-leberecht.com is the english version of viktor-leberecht.de.

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