How about your Polyamory Threat-Potential?

Do you know that too, that people become insecure when you talk openly about the fact that you live Polyamory? It is as if people stand back a bit from you. Maybe it’s because of your Polyamory – Threat-Potential.

I have had these experiences always since I started being open about living Polyamory some years ago. Initially I attributed them to the fact that people probably think my lifestyle is weird. Eventually, I then thought it might be the same phenomenon that singles know when being in the company of couples , especially on vacation. They perceive you as as a threat to their relationship.

Recently I read an article in Science of Relationships about a study that confirms this observation. It says that people, even when their own sex life is promicuous, have reservations about people who are considered sexually promiscuous: Friends Do not Like Friends Who Sleep Around ( Even If They’re Sleeping Around , Too)

This is true for monogamous people , and it seems to me to apply even more for people living Polyamory. I think what comes together here is the strangeness of this way of life and consequently misconceptions about polyamory. As if polyamorous permanently have nothing else in mind than having sex with other people´s partners.

Have you experienced this? How do you deal with it?

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Last updated: November 17, 2013 at 18:19 pm
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  1. Yes, I find that I make people uncomfortable. The fact that I’ve been living this way for almost 20 years is challenging to the status quo … and to them!

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