Thesis 3: The prohibition of polygamy (as a statutory way of life) is an illegal state-involvement in the personal liberties of the individual. The state has no right to regulate the emotional-life, the love-life or the family-lives of individuals, just as he has no right to regulate the sexual life, if not to avert or punish damage, for example: rape, sex with minors etc. The right to make rules on the organizational aspects of love, sex, marriage and family-life, like every right, first of all, lies with the individual. The state may only engage when damage to other individuals has to be averted or must be punished. The state also has the right, bestowed on him by the citizens to act in their interest, to regulate the details of the forms of family-life, for example: mutual rights and obligations of spouses, education of children, inheritance, divorce, etc.

This thesis follows from the points made in thesis 1 and thesis 2.

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This is Thesis 3  of the Theses on polygamy and monogamy by Viktor Leberecht. Click here to continue to the next thesis.

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