Apr 212011
More Equality

Equality is often not given the way it is called for in the concepts of human rights. When researching informations concerning my theses I noticed that i also had not made it clear enough in my theses that equality of all parties involved is one of the bases for polyamorous / polygamous relationships. I have now corrected …read more

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Mar 302011

The article “If one is not enough” sticks out from the crowd of rather sensationalist articles written about the topics polyamory and polygamy. The article (in german, you might try translating by opening the link to the article and copying the text and then using google translation, which you can access via a link here in the …read more

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Mar 102011
Charlie Sheen: it´s not about polyamory, it´s about the state of the USA

We read and hear a lot about Charlie Sheen‘s polyamorous lifestyle – and of course everything else he does. But really it’s not about polyamory, but the state of the United States. The sharpest and best analysis I’ve read was written by Mark Morford. Notice: This article is translated from an original article  

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