Jan 232014

In October 2013 the German newspaper WELT ran an interview with Chris Ryan, who wrote Sex at Dawn with his wife Cacilda Jethá. At the end of the interview the author of the article said a contract for a german edition of Sex at Dawn was currently discussed. Chris Ryan confirms: no german edition of …read more

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Nov 262013

The movie maker Dhruv Davan has a crowdfunding site up for a movie called Why Knot about Open Relationships. The real astonishing fact about this movie for me was that Druv comes from India, was raised in Dubai and according to his Facebook Page now lives in Vancouver. I found out that my ideas about …read more

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Aug 112013

The debate whether polygamy or monogamy is the natural way of life often misses important points as it is too focused on polygyny. A recent example is an article by Carl Zimmer in the New York Times claiming that monogamy brings an evolutionary advantage. The article is part of the discussion which was initiated in …read more

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Aug 042013

Monogamy is often presented by its proponents as the only natural and acceptable form of human family life. Scientifically this is not tenable, as is clear from statements by Peter Kappeler, Professor of sociobiology and anthropology at the University of Göttingen and Head of the Department of Behavioral Economics and Sociobiology at the German Primate …read more

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Aug 032013

Two studies of monogamy in mammals and primates recently gained much attention by the media, partly because they contradict the bestseller Sex at Dawn (see list of reports under this article). Accordingly on Facebook and Twitter there were questions about them to Chris Ryan, who together with his wife Cacilda Jethá has written Sex at Dawn, …read more

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Jan 012013

On december 13th 2012 the german radio station SWR 2 in its series Impulse had a five minute feature about the book Sex at Dawn by Chris Ryan and Cacilda Jethá. The feature summarizes the main points of the book in an entertaining and easy to understand way and provides a stimulating introduction to this “revolutionary …read more

Nov 122012
Petraeus only continued old military tradition: Swinging

We all know by now that the title “All in” of the book by Paula Broadwell about General David Petraeus was not referring to the old poker phrase. But what many do not know: Petraeus – in some way – just continued a military traditon from World War II Bomber pilots of the US Air …read more

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