May 102012

Germany is far advanced compared to the United States when it comes to legalizing Same-Sex-Marriage. We have had registered partnerships since more than ten years. But the german government under Chancellor Angela Merkel has been procrastinating to give registered partnerships the same legal status as marriage. This is a shame for two reasons. First, the …read more

Apr 192012

I fully support this. Still the long-term goal has to be legalizing polygamy as I pointed out in other articles.   Notice: This article was not translated from an original article

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May 102011

In a landmark ruling concerning a german law suit, the European Court of Justice, the supreme court in the EU, has strengthened the rights of same-sex-marriages, or “registered-partnerships“, as same-sex-marriages are called in Germany. The Court has explicitly based it´s ruling on the prohibition of sexual discrimination (document number: C-147/081). With this ruling “same-sex-marriage” comes …read more