Jan 032013

A new Year brings new ideas and a new and easy way to show support to get social networks to let you choose Polyamory as your status. And we will use the tools that the networks provide by doing something that is similar to an online petition. Now you want to know how I propose …read more

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Jul 082012

I started this website writing about polygamy and polyamory, translating the articles from my original german website to english. Meanwhile, there are more topics about which I want to write on my german website. At the same time writing about polygamy and polyamory are so important that I set up a specially dedicated german website …read more

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Aug 032011

The half hour feature about Polyamory of the major German TV-Station ZDF in their Series “37 Grad” (37 Degrees) has led to discussion (in german) on Facebook. Join in, if you can read and write german. Link to Facebook-Discussion about Polyamory Feature. My article about the feature including a link where you can watch the …read more

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