Aug 182013

Advocates of Monogamy often claim it is the only natural way of life for humans while referring to Polygamy as unnatural. For centuries the defenders of Monogamy have done so based not only on the Bible, but also referring to Monogamy occurring everywhere in the animal kingdom and claiming it was also prevalent among humans. …read more

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Aug 042013

Monogamy is often presented by its proponents as the only natural and acceptable form of human family life. Scientifically this is not tenable, as is clear from statements by Peter Kappeler, Professor of sociobiology and anthropology at the University of Göttingen and Head of the Department of Behavioral Economics and Sociobiology at the German Primate …read more

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Jul 212013

Polyandry, to share a wife with other men, is unthinkable for most men in western countries. For tibetan families this form of polygamy is an old and working tradition. Tibetans who live like this claim that polygamy is better than monogamy: “Polygamy,” says Dongqing, “is simply the better marriage. So much stronger, so much more intense”, …read more

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Sep 022012

An excellent brief overview of the emergence of the monogamy fairytale Idylls of lifelong loyalty from the Guardian. A paragraph from it is so good that I quote it here because it exposes the lie of traditional marriage being all about love and mnogamy: “People only started to marry for love in the late 18th …read more

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Sep 022012

The nonsensical views, which the Catholic Church has about HIV, polygamy and sexuality, are well known and i recently reported on them and how even scholars try to defend them on my german blog Polygamie-ist-gut-fuer-Sie (Polygamy is good for you). So it is gratifying to read on the BBC and the IHT that with Carlo …read more

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Aug 162012

Polyamorous people are really boring, yes really! Of course right now we are getting a lot of attention, a real media-hype especially in the United States. Also here in Germany in Poly-Discussion Forums and mailing lists currently there are a lot of requests from journalists who would like to do a documentary and follow a …read more

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Aug 152012

In many countries we currently see newly stirred up discussions about the institution of marriage. Mostly it is about same-sex marriage, but also about polygamy. In these discussions the opponents of any change often claim that marriage has always been the same everywhere. This is nonsense, as just a little bit of studying history books, …read more

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