Aug 182013

Advocates of Monogamy often claim it is the only natural way of life for humans while referring to Polygamy as unnatural. For centuries the defenders of Monogamy have done so based not only on the Bible, but also referring to Monogamy occurring everywhere in the animal kingdom and claiming it was also prevalent among humans. …read more

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Sep 112012

In an article in the online edition of the “Welt” of 11th September 2012, 17.28 pm, the author Alan Posener asks: What’s so bad about polygamy? As explanation for readers not from Germany: this is a little bit of a sensation, as the “Welt” is a rather conservative newspaper made by the Axel Springer Company, …read more

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Aug 222011

Nobody really knows the number of people living in polyamorous relations in Germany or in other countries. Is it 600 or 6,000, as the german newspaper BZ wrote on 20.08.2011? Or maybe 10,000, as estimated by website? There are no reliable statistics of course, but it might well be somewhere in this scale. At …read more

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Jan 012011
Happy (?) polygamous new year.

I grant you that it’s a pretty cheap rhetorical device to convert commonly-known phrases, but in this case it is justified. 2011 is a polygamous new year in my native Germany and many other countries. Not because the laws in Germany and other officially monogamous countries are to be changed. But simply because this year, as thousands of years …read more

Theses on polygamy and monogamy – Thesis 12


Thesis 12: Polygamy, when based on equal rights of all parties involved, leads to stable, lasting relationships, perhaps even more than monogamy. The divorce statistics of western countries speak loud and clear that monogamous marriages are not working as a model for long lasting relations. In my homecountry Germany sexual infidelity is by far the main reason …read more

Dec 262010
Theses on polygamy and monogamy in overview

On the entry-page of the menu-section  you will find my basic ideas about polygamy as a human right. Based on this, I have developed several ideas which you will find here: . On the sub pages, to which you can navigate via the menu or the link at the end of each thesis, i will explain …read more