Aug 202012

It took my quite a while to come out as being Polyamorous. I did it step by step. First i talked to friends, than family, than colleagues, and finally i did not want to hide it anymore and even wanted to help promote the idea. A similar development is described in this excellent article by …read more

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Aug 122012

Recently some other bloggers, Tweeters and Facebookers were so friendly to mention articles of me, listed chronologically from oldest (Top) to newest (Bottom) as they appeared in my Twitter timeline: @polyamorie, mentioned and retweeted articles from my two german and my english-language blog, too many to list here @ascarlettnymph on April 1st and April 9th …read more

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Aug 122012

I had a nice exchange about how the world thinks about poly and especially the Poly-situation in Germany with @modernpoly and @JennBareilles   The tweet below is the beginning of the conversation: @jennbareilles @modernpoly @sho_network: If you are interested in the view of Poly in Germany… — Viktor Leberecht (@ViktorLeberecht) 11. August 2012   …read more

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Apr 192012

I fully support this. Still the long-term goal has to be legalizing polygamy as I pointed out in other articles.   Notice: This article was not translated from an original article

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Jul 042011 has kindly included one of my articles in it´s 4th July edition of Modern Poly Daily (after clicking the link, you might have to choose the date in the archive on the right). I´m happy about that, thank you. Notice: This article is translated from an original article

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