Apr 192012

I fully support this. http://modernpoly.tumblr.com/post/21343025679/modern-poly-is-getting-serious Still the long-term goal has to be legalizing polygamy as I pointed out in other articles.   Notice: This article was not translated from an original article

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Sep 262011

If you ever wondered how big a theme Polygamy is, just take a look at the discussion “Why is Polygamy illegal” on Reddit. The number of posts and the intensity of discussion is amazing. Notice: This article is translated – and some contents might have been added or left out to better meet the needs …read more

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Aug 012011
10 Year Gay Marriage anniversary! What about Poly Marriage?

Today – on the tenth “birthday” of gay marriage in Germany – is a good day. Everyone can be happy who is advocating a society in which people are not discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, like it also is demanded by the European Court of Justice: . But as it goes with civil …read more

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Mar 272011
Like hot off the press: Henryk M. Broder about polyamory (1997)

During my research about polygamy and polyamory i find many articles, websites and blogs, and among them are some which i think are so valuable that i not only include them in my link lists, but recommend them especially in my series of articles “Worth reading“. One such article comes from the german journalist Henryk M. Broder, written already in 1997 in the …read more

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Mar 102011

Polygamy has become such a big topic recently that even a lifestyle-magazine does an online-poll about legalising polygamy. Maybe people will come to understand soon that polygamy and polyamory are not a threat but can be lived in free societies very different from the way it was and still is done in hierarchically-oriented societies. Polygamy may then well be a relationship …read more

Dec 262010
Theses on polygamy and monogamy in overview

On the entry-page of the menu-section  you will find my basic ideas about polygamy as a human right. Based on this, I have developed several ideas which you will find here: . On the sub pages, to which you can navigate via the menu or the link at the end of each thesis, i will explain …read more