Mar 212016
David Barash does it again: Polygamy natural but monogamy better, LA-Times, 20.03.2016

Can anybody explain to me why Professor David Barash, a highly intelligent man and probably the world´s leading expert on polygamy, writes book after book gathering the science that polygamy is natural and monogamy is hard for us, only to go on then to claim that monogamy is nonetheless the better choice for us? Now …read more

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Mar 072016

Humans are promiscuous and polygamous by nature, according to a new book by David Barash. The zoologist, psychologist and well-known author of the seminal work from 2001 The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People, affirms in his new book that people are promiscuous and polygamous by nature. As in the older book, in …read more

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Dec 092013

All my theses on polygamy and monogamy on Viktor were revised and updated Sunday, December 8th 2013. I added explanations and links to articles that support my theses. That is why last sunday you were bombarded on my Facebook- and Twitter- and G+-account with lots of posts.    

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Oct 122013

For the weekend here is a short meditation on the question of what we are now actually: monogamous or polygamous or …gamous? Perhaps we are multigamous or flexigamous? What the … are we now? The question of whether there is a natural sexual orientation of humans or not is one of the issues most hotly …read more

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Aug 182013

Advocates of Monogamy often claim it is the only natural way of life for humans while referring to Polygamy as unnatural. For centuries the defenders of Monogamy have done so based not only on the Bible, but also referring to Monogamy occurring everywhere in the animal kingdom and claiming it was also prevalent among humans. …read more

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Aug 112013

The debate whether polygamy or monogamy is the natural way of life often misses important points as it is too focused on polygyny. A recent example is an article by Carl Zimmer in the New York Times claiming that monogamy brings an evolutionary advantage. The article is part of the discussion which was initiated in …read more

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