Aug 182013

Advocates of Monogamy often claim it is the only natural way of life for humans while referring to Polygamy as unnatural. For centuries the defenders of Monogamy have done so based not only on the Bible, but also referring to Monogamy occurring everywhere in the animal kingdom and claiming it was also prevalent among humans. …read more

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Feb 102013

Like many people I think that one of the best ways to get information is listening to people with lots of experience, and there are probably few with as much experience on Polyamory as Franklin Veaux. Blogger Polysingleish did an Interview with Franklin Veaux that is absolutely worthwhile reading from start to finish, because it …read more

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Oct 312012

The world famous sex researcher Chris Ryan, whose book Sex at Dawn was recommended by me on several occasions, now has a column in the german magazine The European. In spite of having an english title, The European is a german Magazine, made in my hometown Berlin. They also have some of their articles in …read more

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Sep 302012

After my first TV appearance I feel even more respect for all people who have been poly-activists in public or in private – for polyamory, for legalizing polygamy among consenting adults and for a more free, more humane and more loving way of dealing with sexuality. Many have started doing this work when all these …read more

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Sep 302012

There has been a movement for some years that tries to change the meaning associated with the usually negative term Slut. This is also important for the polyamory movement because one of the fundamental books of polyamory by Dossie Easton is called “The Ethical Slut“. I think it is good that women fight against the …read more

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Sep 022012

The nonsensical views, which the Catholic Church has about HIV, polygamy and sexuality, are well known and i recently reported on them and how even scholars try to defend them on my german blog Polygamie-ist-gut-fuer-Sie (Polygamy is good for you). So it is gratifying to read on the BBC and the IHT that with Carlo …read more

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Apr 012012

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cathilda Jethá has been storming bestseller lists worldwide since its release in 2010 and has been translated into numerous languages. Only German book publishers and the german media apparently slept through this worldwide event. There are hardly any articles in the German media that mention the book, just check …read more