Dec 302012

Many writers, politicians and other people claim that their views are scientifically based. But what is Science and how to differentiate sense from nonsense? The website just published two very good articles about that. As these issues are very important for the topics of my websites Viktor and my german Website (engl: …read more

Sep 302012

After my first TV appearance I feel even more respect for all people who have been poly-activists in public or in private – for polyamory, for legalizing polygamy among consenting adults and for a more free, more humane and more loving way of dealing with sexuality. Many have started doing this work when all these …read more

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Sep 102012

Why we love and cheat is very important for most people, because there is hardly anyone who does not love, and the anthropologist Helen Fisher, from whose work i have cited here before, has spoken at TED about what is happening in our brains when we love. Fisher’s lecture is informative and entertaining.It seems we …read more

Aug 262012

To come out and say, this is, what i am, is often difficult and fraught with anxiety, also when it is about Polyamory Coming Out. I know what I speak of, because years ago when I began to live polyamorous i had the most typical of all human fears, if we do something unusual: what …read more

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Aug 122012

Susan Cain has held a wonderful speech at the TED Talks about the importance of introverted people and or the quiet, introverted phases in our life. And although my work with my blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter and Google + is something very extrovert and i have fun doing it, I felt very touched. Because …read more

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Jul 202012

Say what you want, but feminism has indeed spread some negative sentiment against penises. How gratifying it is then to find a female scientist who has studied penisses for years with enthusiasm. Diane Kellys enthusiasm, as it turns out, was not about sex but about the very specific anatomical features of this organ. What Diane …read more

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Jul 202012

Christopher Ryan explains the key arguments of “Sex at Dawn” at the TED Talent Search in Vancouver in June 2012. You will hardly get a better summary, and watch out for the wonderful table with a comparison of the genitalia of different species of monkeys (humans are monkeys, too), if you want to understanda little …read more