Mar 282011
A Polygamist calls for: More Time for Sex-Orgies!

Valued ​​opponents of polygamy, I hereby urge you in your own interest to engage in the fight for the legalization of polygamy! That of course sounds strange to you, but read on and I will make myself clear. As opponents of polygamy you have forever attacked the proponents of polygamy and polyamory. Over and over again you claim that …read more

Mar 262011
Polyamory / Polygamy and Children

Opponents of Polygamy or Polyamory like to present themselves as defenders of traditional values and Family. They often discriminate against the proponents of polyamorous or polygamous models as destroyers of traditional values ​​and like to portray them as sex-obsessed freaks. Especially for children, they say, polamorous relations are bad and – a common prejudice – …read more