What would society be like if polygamy became as common as monogamy is now?

My answer to What would society be like if polygamy became as common as monogamy is now?

Answer by Viktor Leberecht:

That is hard to say, because so far there has never been any western socciety based on the concept of human rights / individual rights that allowed polygamy because all these societies have a history where their values were based on christian beliefs that forbid polygamy.

Personally I think western societies would profit from it because as someone who has studied history my impression was always that more freedom within a frame of laws that protect the individual has always led to improvements. In this case it would moslts mean, that people who want to live multiple relations, be it polyamory (without marriage) or polygamy (with marriage) would be restricted from living according to the basic principle of human rights: you may do whatever you like as long as you don´t harm others. They would also not feel excluded and would not have to hide anymore, as many still do out of fear of being rejected, losing jobs etc.

In waht ways western societies would change otherwise is up to see if we ever do it. A glimpse might be found in research that has been done on polyamorous people. One of the most interesting findings being that other than commom assumptions have it poly does not mean one guy / mutliple women, but that all kinds of configuratiosn can be found, the most btw being one woman with multiple men. Read here 5 Myths About Polyamory | Relationships, Sex & Love

What would society be like if polygamy became as common as monogamy is now?

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