Worst Star Trek movie … Ever! Beyond (fun and charm)

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beyond photoBeyond is the worst Star Trek movie ever in my opinion. No fun and no charm, lots of plot-holes and a brain-numbing experience. I wonder how often one needs to get lobotomised to enjoy this movie. Well, maybe you just need to watch “Fast and Furious” several times.

Fast and Furious in Space

I guess it’s no surprise that if the direction of Star Trek is handed to a guy who became famous doing “Fast and Furious” that he’ll turn it into …, well “Fast and Furious in space”, spending most of the movie crashing things.

But how the producers ever could have had the idea to do that when the whole fascination and charm of Star Trek was always about humans – and other beings – finding out who they are under the most unusual circumstances, and the relations between them completely escapes me.

Plausible story, anyone?

The very thin plot also doesn’t help. Not one original or interesting idea. Just a lot of standard-fare formulaic bullshit that has been used in who knows how many different movies. Probably not so surprising as the script partly comes from Simon Pegg, whose success was for a big part based on making parodies of other movies by compiling all the formulaic ideas of a certain genre and making fun of it. BTW: almost no fun in this movie.

Now one might be justified in saying that all stories use typical plot lines and themes. But the good ones manage to find a new way of using them. This one doesn’t, it’s all predictable. And where other movies that use well-known plot lines manage to get you engaged and hanging on the edge of your seat, this one is just boring. 

Also a lot of holes and contradictions, e.g: Why does it first need the most advanced navigation technology that only the Enterprise possesses to get to the planet of the evil guy but later escaping from there with an outdated spaceship that’s barely holding together is just a breeze?

Such a shame

It is such a shame about one of the most fascinating TV/Movie series of all time that often managed to make you think about the deeper themes of what life is all about to be turned into just another – let’s damage as many things as possible for no good reason at all – blockbuster. Popcorn-accompanying, brain-numbing fodder for the hoi polloi.

Also a shame about wasting all these great actors, who as usual did a good job, on such a bad movie.

Any hope left?

The only hope is that somebody will have the good sense to not let Simon Pegg ever write the screenplay for Star Trek again and to hire a Director who knows that telling an interesting story is about more than crashing things.

Photo by JeepersMedia

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